Small Grant Schemes: Win or Loss

This is the post excerpt.

Great stuff which provides free money and the chance for communities a more direct avenue to design and shape the kind of development they know and want for the environment they live in. This is something i began to realise while being exposed as a grant writer for a small developing country with over 80% of its annual revenue born out of foreign aid from allies both at the bilateral and multilateral levels. However, despite the opportunity’s undeniable qualities and considerable town-hall ratings and exceptional reviews, still was easily influenced politically and often weren’t disseminated properly to isolated communities, in-part because they were either off the donor list radar, posed a threat to security or belong to belong to to reach or lacked essential services to connect. Luckily, these problems all began to fade away as we launch our first social media infographic ads campaign; eventually developed onto Facebook-Pages site called “Grants & Technical Assistance” geared towards creating a first of its kind- Neutral platform focused on educating the public on basic templates, donor partners and others. The page is one among three most valued, which included a page on Healthcare, Culture & Traditions: Gender Equality and several test accounts developed over the span of only 2 years before they all mysteriously disappeared. How can a company as big as Facebook allow these kind of things to happen? Is there agencies online that cater to these kinds of problems? Are there ways to actually retrieve or get compensated and prevent these things from happening? Through computer Codes and API, are there ways to trace specific events, tech developments and accurately identify individuals directly involved? Unless we attain the capacity to recover lost accounts, let alone the wealth and rightful founders/sole controller of this global network IPO responsible for the success behind the collaboration and partnership of companies like Redfin NMLS, Google Alphabet, Apple, yahoo finance, Microsoft and Amazon to name a few. Unless we identify the driving force behind Fintech, IoT, S&P, DJ & NASDQ; and build a fortress to protect the system from its core, we will never secure an internet safe enough for these programs to thrive the way they should. -nb

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