Belau or Palau- small islands as the Spanish dubbed the little cluster south of the Philippines, share a boundary line that not only separate it as a sovereign Island Nation bordering its larger allies of Indonesia to the east and Philippines to the North; holds the divide that distinguishes Asia from the Pacific region- giving its geographical location a natural sense of balance in its culture, natural diversity and political appeal. Medechiibelau on the other hand is of a mythical being of wisdom that ended the long tradition of ancient method of birth by cesarean/c-section or slit of the woman’s abdominals for the baby which left the wounded mother faced with a slow painful death. Half human and half beast with eight limbs similar to that of a octopus or spider. The legend of this mysterious creature speaks of historical traces of intellectual humans gifted with its creativity abilities and innovation. How the the man-beast was able to convince the first woman ever in Belau tolerate excruciating pain and suffering- but endure till the end a natural birth instead of giving-in so early to the edge of a wooden blade and ultimately death the just to conceive with a method that could’ve easily traumatised the family mentally. A practice that left the husband no choice but to watch his beloved wife cut open alive and watch her die as the midwife forced her way through the wife’s belly with a sharp bamboo blade once the mother felt it was time for the baby to come out. The mixed emotions of joy and utter sadness as they welcomed the newborn and at the same time, bid farewell to a mother trying her best to savour every last minute for her new family as her system gradually trembles to a halt. Imagine the amount of strength and courage of families practicing this for so long, villagers began to accept and treat the occasion as one would treat thanksgiving or a 16th birthday. How the couples planned as if they were looking forward to a big wedding or anniversary, only in a very different way until they found Education, enlightenment and wisdom. Our choice of weapons for this page which aims to create a platform where followers are encouraged to have fun and free to share stories and learn valuable lessons drawn from true-to-life events or legendary tales that may progressively shape our way of thinking and ultimately how we choose to live and develop as responsible and productive global citizen regardless of who or what you think you are, wherever. In this remarkable tale of Medechiibelau it shows how valuable and how precious life might’ve been and should be today, thinking of yourself as being one of the parents before the disCovery of such knowledge. I bet every minute spent together was counted and valued as gold, leaving no time to fight and deception in a relationship. How life might’ve improved significantly after! the whole village never had to worry about their girls dying as teenagers while giving birth. How the men might’ve felt knowing, you get to keep your wife for a change this time. Imagine all the joy and happiness the news might’ve brought and how it translates into their level of productivity. Now Imagine us today… North Korea, Extremists, Poachers, Abusers, Drug users and Political pushers of corruption and infidelity. Nothing does it better than harnessing the power of education as a means for the us to unite our communities and culture. E(0977) 200 4416ven better, embrace our chances and ability to Unite our communities and culture for better opportunities on education. Only then, Can humanity begin to realise its true golden days of joy and newfound hope for a brighter world of peace, sustainable growth and endless prosperity.


As a global transformation of the internet unveils yet another wave of development opportunities for our communities perhaps similar to how the world changed during the time of Benjamin Franklin and Tesla when they discovered and began utilising electricity for every single household, public and private business office in town. Smart Networks today as innovation and research capabilities improve drastically with the support of Artificial intelligence, Social Media apps and converage, as well as possess quantum computing speed in processing data may no doubt be similar or more as its demand soars globally affecting every continent and community. Today as anticipated its well on its way, and in a span of only 5 years have gained influence of the most powerful industrial players, international institutions and political leverage, capable of practically anything… But can this be the doing of mere computers? well all we can do is wait and see how things unfold.